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In our attempt to learn more about the impacts of climate change in Cyprus, instead of looking into the scientific data, this time we tried something different. We approached people that are experiencing and will continue to experience the impacts firsthand.

Now that heatwaves, droughts, and forest fires are becoming more frequent throughout Europe, we wanted to learn more about the hardships of people whose livelihoods directly depend on the natural environment. Farmers and fishermen. These special people shared with us their own stories of how climate change has changed their lives.

By presenting these stories to the public, we try to highlight the impacts of climate change in Cyprus, raise public awareness as well as the awareness of politicians, and stress the need for immediate action.

What are the impacts then, and what are their suggestions in mitigating climate change and adapting to it? What is their message to the government?

Watch the video «Fishermen an Farmers in Cyprus», that was created for the World We Want campaign, in collaboration with CAN International and Treehouse films.