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The CESC is proud to offer its facilities and experienced staff to accommodate the Awards’ needs as an external activity provider and highly specialised in the Adventurous Journey.

About the Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences and useful skills to equip young people for life. Since it was founded, in 1956, by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh (husband to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom), over eight million young people have participated in the Award in over 140 countries and territories. Schools, colleges, universities, employers, social clubs, youth organisations such as the Scouts, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, young offenders’ institutions, religious organisations, sports clubs and more all run the Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at CESC

The CESC is an external activity provider for the award in Cyprus. Members of our staff are fully qualified and certified as Award Leaders and can provide guidance and support for any part of the award.

As external providers, the CESC can plan fully the Adventurous Journey in all levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold by providing both the Assessors and Supervisors.

The expeditions usually take part in remote areas of Cyprus so to give the opportunity to the participants to challenge themselves in an unfamiliar territory and camp in the outdoors while working as a team.


Most of the groups bring their own equipment for the Adventurous Journey but the CESC has also an inventory of equipment that can be rented to the visiting groups that do not wish to bring a lot of equipment with them, especially if travelling from abroad.

The CESC, in coordination with the visiting group, can buy any equipment beforehand that the group might need for their expedition (the costs are covered by the visiting group).