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Our morning patrols began in May, for the location and identification of successful turtle nests on Lady’s mile beach.

The morning patrols are conducted with the collaboration of the SBA of Akrotiri, and the priceless assistance of our 17 volunteers. The actions done by Terra Cypria include the continual monitoring of the Lady’s mile beach for the location of nests and the protection of threatened turtle habitats, by informing the authorities for any conservation issues spotted.

Even thought, there has been an increase of disturbance around the Lady’s mile area, our team of volunteers managed to locate 2 successful Caretta caretta nests, in July. As soon as the nests were located, the SBA wardens were informed. The nests were then protected with a cage and an informative sign.

Although, a decrease of nesting activity was noticed this year, most likely due to the intense disturbance in the area, our team of volunteers will continue their morning patrols for the early detection and protection of new nests. The sea turtle nesting season begins in May and can last until the end of September.

Our actions are heavily dependent on volunteers and their contribution. We are very proud of them and thank them for their time and the excellent work they do!

A few rules to remember when visiting the Lady’s mile beach:

  1. Never disturb or move the protective cages.
  2. Dogs are not allowed on the beach (even if they are on a lead)
  3. Camping and bonfires are prohibited.
  4. We always collect our trash.
  5. Never use a vehicle of any kind on the beach
  6. Never disturb or touch turtles or hatchlings
  7. In case of an injured turtle, or possible nest disturbance we call 1443