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Informing and raising public awareness of the value of the environment is particularly important. Nowadays there is a need for information and inspiration about the environment. Our main goal is to actively raise awareness of and act on the environmental problems of our country which affect all of us daily.

So how do we do this?…

Inform and raise awareness

We monitor the press daily in order to keep abreast of current environmental issues. We use press releases, magazine and newspaper articles to inform people about what we are doing and to raise support. We also use social media networks.

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Lectures for the public

We want to inform and engage the public about our environment and beyond. That is why we organize monthly lectures at the Foundation’s offices so that everyone who is interested has the opportunity to attend, to interact with other actively interested people, and, if necessary, organise action.

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Presentations in organized groups

Organized groups often invite us to present and discuss environmental matters relating to our expertise.

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