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In a collaboration with BirdLife Cyprus, we created an animation video to show the analytical harm caused by poisoned baits in the countryside.

The Griffon Vulture is in danger of extinction, if its main threat, poisoning, is not immediately treated.

Our Foundation tries to inform the public, raise public awareness about the Vultures, and prevent the poisoned baits in the countryside.

This, of course, is something that we can and must all help with it.

Should you come across anything that looks like poison bait, call the Game and Fauna Service, 99267916 ή 99255086, and the local police station immediately to report it.

Together we can make the Cypriot countryside safer and free of poisons.

The video was created under the framework of the Life with Vultures program.

Creation Team: BirdLife Cyprus, Terra Cypria και Zedem Animations