AccESS is a pilot-project run by ECOS to break down barriers and help national environmental NGOs participate in the European Standardisation System (ESS) (2017-2019)

Standards play a larger role in European laws and policies than ever before. Standards have a direct impact on both human health and nature, and if civil society does not make its voice heard in the standardisation system, the impacts could be detrimental. Environmental NGO participation in standards making brings a wealth of expertise which cannot be found elsewhere, and ultimately results in better European standards for everyone.

It takes a great amount of time, money and specialized expertise to take part in standardisation – something which automatically keeps most, if not all, NGOs out of the process.

ECOS provides a gateway into the world of standards, and through the AccESS project sets out to strengthen national NGOs further, making the environmental voice louder and stronger than ever before.

Over the course of two years we will together with ECOS and the other project partners explore and test new collaborative working practices for environmental NGOs to participate in the development of standards.

The project partners consist of nine European environmental NGOs:

In project AccESS we provide expert assistance to ECOS for its work in: Plastics waste management (reduce-reuse-recycle), biodegradability, single use plastics, micro/nano plastic marine pollution etc), Bio-economy (organic fertilizers, biodiesel, bio-gas, SRF etc) and Ecodesign (labeling, product durability, repairability, reusability, recyclability, etc.) We will share our knowledge and expertise in these topics so that better standards are made. ECOS will amplify our voice on the European level.

The works areas of AccESS are:

  • Bioeconomy
  • Smart grids and meters
  • Electric Vehicles
  • GHG emissions & climate change
  • Recycling & Reuse
  • Material Efficiency
  • Ecodesign of energy-related products
  • Chemicals & nanotechnologies
  • Refrigerants

AccESS is a first of its kind project launched in January 2017. The pilot-project was awarded funding by the European Commission to tackle the main obstacles environmental NGOs face in participating in standards and showcase their importance in improving the quality of current standards. The project will conclude in January 2019.

For more information about the project partners’ national activities for AccESS, please visit their respective websites.

For more information about AccESS and ECOS, please contact:

Ioana Popescu, AccESS Project Coordinator
[email protected]