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Organised by the Game and Fauna Service, BirdLife Cyprus, and Terra Cypria, barn owls were released in nature on Friday in Oroklini. The event is part of the “Pandotira” project.

The barn owls, crucial for their role in natural pest control, specifically targeting rodents, were set free after receiving care and treatment at the Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Center of the Game and Fauna Service. Before their release, each bird was ringed, a standard practice to facilitate future monitoring and research.

The initiative not only contributes to the preservation of local biodiversity but also offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for agricultural pest management. Unlike traditional rodenticides that pose risks to various species, barn owls serve as a biological control method without harming other wildlife or humans.

The release event, attended by students from Oroklini Primary School, aimed to educate the younger generation about the importance of the Natura 2000 Network. Additionally, the children had the opportunity to observe microscopic invertebrates through a stereoscope, gaining insights into their role within the ecosystem.

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