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December 11th was established by the United Nations as the “International Mountain Day,” aiming to highlight the vital role of mountains in our lives throughout history and as a means to continually remind us of the need for their conservation.

As part of the “Pandoteira” project, we celebrated this day with a hike in Troodos, specifically in the “Loumata ton Aeton” trail. Seeing breathtaking landscapes – includingriver crossings – and learning about the geology and biodiversity of Troodos were part of this unique experience.

At the same time, we made sure to keep children busy by providing educational activities with the help of the Forest School.  The activities integrated tools and means from various cognitive areas, incorporated issues related to nature and the environment, among others, and focused on the development of knowledge and primarily attitudes and skills.

Following the activities, we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate all while gaining insights into the region and the trail from Mr Kritonas Kyriakides, the Community Leader of Amiantos.