The LIFE IP Physis (LIFE 18 IPE/CY/000006) consists of a group of actions with the purpose of making the Natura 2000 network more effective and functional as well as sustainable with the overarching goal of achieving favorable conservation status for habitats and species, particularly of those included in the Habitats and Birds directives. The project throughout its 10-year lifetime proposes actions that that are sequential, building on each other, in order to reach at the end of the project the ultimate goal as described above. For the effective management of the project and the organization of actions during the 10-year period the project has been divided in four phases named A, B, C and D with a 2,5-year duration each.

Terra Cypria, in collaboration with 14 other partners, will seek to address the weaknesses identified in the management of the Natura 2000 network in Cyprus, fill knowledge and habitat gaps, improve network governance, exploit ecosystem services and implement action and management plans for species and habitats.

Specifically, the role of Terra Cypria is of catalytic importance because in addition to its participation in 9 actions of the project, it also leads the action that will inform and strengthen the stakeholders to help protect the Natura 2000 network in our country.

The actions proposed in the project will be implemented at a national scale in general, while specific actions for certain species and habitats will be implemented in 35 Natura 2000 sites. The IP has been designed in such a way as to see the Natura 2000 network in a holistic manner, thus encompassing needs “transformed” into actions in several directions including:

Filling the knowledge gaps for species and habitats

Improving the governance of the Natura 2000 network through the introduction of institutional changes such as establishment of management structures and private land management in Natura 2000 sites and by establishing interactive GIS tools through web-based platforms ​
Evaluating ecosystem services and exploit further their socioeconomic dimension ​Tackling the issue of Invasive Alien Species ​
Conducting and implementing action plans and management plans for species and habitats in order to improve their conservation status​
Implement capacity building actions to reinforce the knowledge base of the stakeholders of the Natura 2000 network
Implementing information and awareness actions and campaigns so that the Natura 2000 network become known and well accepted among the citizens in general and the stakeholders in particular in the island

Monitoring the project’s effectiveness towards achieving the objectives of the Prioritized Action Framework (PAF) for Natura 2000 network in Cyprus​

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