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On December 17, we organized a tour of the Larnaca Salt Flats, in order to introduce them to the participants in a different perspective. The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the types of habitats that exist in the area, to observe the thousands of migratory birds that find refuge in Aliki every year, and also the aquatic invertebrates, which are considered to be a highly important piece of the food chain, since they support to a large extent the wetland’s life.

By observing and learning about the life that exists in the area, we understood the importance of biodiversity and environmental protection. This can be achieved in simple ways, such as being prudent when walking on the path, and observing the habitat without disturbing it.

The event took place within the framework of the “Pandoteira” project, which deals with the management of the Natura 2000 Network in Cyprus. During this ten-year project, actions will be taken to protect the various species of flora and fauna, in order to make the Natura 2000 network more effective, functional and sustainable.