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An opportunity to share our activities and exchange perspectives

The 16th of December was a special day as our team was formally invited to attend a lunch meeting with the U.S. Ambassador in Cyprus, Judy Garber, to discuss the issue of climate change, how it affects the island and what must be done to combat it.

The Ambassador, having worked in the past on environmental issues for the U.S. Government, was keen on hearing our perspectives on the matter. Together with other environmental NGO representatives, we expressed our views on the ways we think Cyprus should achieve its climate targets and realize the necessary transition to a green economy. We also shared the work we have been doing the past few years on influencing policy-making as well as training young individuals to act on climate change.

In turn, the Ambassador, shared her commitment to strengthen the embassy’s work on combatting climate change on the island, giving room to explore ways for collaboration with NGOs in the near future.