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In early June we spotted the first turtle tracks that led us to sand dunes. We confirmed it was a turtle nest and were later protected using cages and warning signs. Their nesting season started in May and ends in October. Their nesting season started in May and ends in October.

Only 1 in 1000 baby turtles will survive to adulthood! When the eggs break, they will climb to the surface of the sand towards the sea, usually in the late afternoon or early morning. They will orient themselves by the light they encounter on the horizon, with several hazards to contend with such as seagulls, fish, etc. and human activities taking place on the beach.

Before visiting a sea turtle nesting beach like Lady’s Mile, it’s important to follow these rules that can help protect them:

  • Never disturb or move protective cages around nests.
  • Do not take dogs on the beach, even if they are on a leash.
  • Avoid camping or having bonfires on the beach.
  • Always collect your trash and dispose of it properly.
  • Refrain from using any vehicles on the beach.
  • Never disturb or touch turtles or hatchlings.
  • In case of an injured turtle or possible nest disturbance, call 1443.
  • If you want to join our sea turtle volunteer patrol contact us