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On 24 May we took part in a teleconference of the European Parliament, and through our intervention, we focused on the main threats and challenges facing the Akamas Peninsula.

Reference was made to the Akamas Local Plan, the National Forest Park projects, and the insufficient designation of Natura 2000 sites. We pointed out the violations that negatively affect the environment, the protected species and the character of the area.

Acting Executive Director, Kyriaki Michael, noted that “Environmental NGOs have won a big battle. We will be monitoring the implementation of the Akama Local Plan while being vigilant on how it is implemented and for any potential relaxations.”
She later added: “We call on the European Parliament to support our efforts to safeguard Akamas and to intervene in any existing or future destructive plans from the part of the government.”
The European Commission then took a position on the issue, stating that it is aware that Akamas is not sufficiently protected. It explained the measures it is already taking and the measures it might have to take against the Republic of Cyprus.

Following interventions by MEPs, the Petitions Committee decided to keep the case open for further investigation and follow-up.