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Prominent explanatory and informational signs have now been installed in the Lady’s Mile area.

Our work to restore, protect and highlight the environmental importance of the wider Lady’s Mile area continues. Specifically, in August, 4 large explanatory and informative signs have been placed in the area, aiming to raise the environmental awareness and inform the public about the importance of the area and prohibited activities that must be avoided. The signs also indicate the emergency number that the public can call and the penalties/fines that violators may face.

Until October 2022, when the MedisWet program officially ends, more actions to restore and protect the Lady’s Mile area have been put in place, in addition to the work already done, such as the installation of cameras to detect any illegalities and extensive reed cleaning in Lake Makria in Zakaki for the good of the species that use it but also to facilitate bird watching.

You can learn more about MedisWet project HERE.