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On the 19th of December, we organized a workshop, in collaboration with the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), to present the report “Transition of the Cyprus economy to a green model of sustainable development”. This new report was prepared by CIIM, following a commission from our institution, in order to analyse the sectors of the Cyprus economy that contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions. The report suggests ways in which these sectors could become the driving force in our transition to a green economy and
climate neutrality.

At the workshop, CIIM officials presented, inter alia, specific recommendations and measures to improve the transport sector and directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to decarbonise the energy sector, and to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings.

Our Executive Director, Lefkios Sergides, in his address, stressed that “Cyprus is one of the regions expected to be highly affected by the climate crisis. We hope that some of the recommendations of this report will be immediately adopted by the government, since their implementation can be effected in a relatively easy way, and they can have significant reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by our island”.