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Υγρότοποι: Εκβολές ποταμών Έζουσας, Ξερού και Διαρίζου, Πάφος, Κύπρος.

Ανάλυση Υφιστάμενης Κατάστασης και Προτάσεις για Προστασία, Αποκατάσταση και Ανάδειξη.... Read More

Informative guide about Invasive Alien Species in Cyprus (Greek)

(Ελληνικα) Τι είναι τα Χωροκατακτητικά Ξένα Είδη; Τι χαρακτηριστικά γνωρίσματα έχουν; Με ποιον τρόπο εισάγονται σε μία περιοχή; Τι ζημιές... Read More

An introduction to the Wildlife of Cyprus

The book is an excellent, cooperative work of 44 scientists recognised in their respective fields, from Cyprus and abroad, who... Read More

The economic impacts in Cyprus from the illegal trapping and killing of European migratory birds

An analysis in figures of the potential tourist income lost due to the bad image Cyprus has acquired concerning the... Read More

Echoes from the past: the Turkish-Cypriot community of Limassol and its heritage

A trilingual publication (Greek, Turkish, English) recording the contribution of the Turkish-Cypriot community of Limassol to the city's commercial and... Read More

Renewable Sources of Energy in Cyprus: an Overview of Available Options

2007 an overview by Costas Orountiotis of the policy options selected by Cyprus between 2005-7 and their suitability.... Read More

Genetically Modified Organisms: Where are we now, in Europe and Cyprus?

A monograph by L. Psillakis considering the arguments for and against at a particular moment in time.... Read More

Introduction of the Acquis Communautaire to Cyprus: the Environmental Regulatory Framework

Based on a seminar organized by the Foundation at the time when Cyprus started negotiations for accession to the EU,... Read More

Orthodoxy and Environment within a European perspective

Although the relevance of Christian belief to environmental protection had been raised a few years earlier, notably by the Ecumenical... Read More