The Mediterranean region has been identified as a climate change hotspot and, therefore, Cyprus is expected to experience the effects of climate change sooner and more adversely than other parts of Europe. This is alarming, but unfortunately, many parts of the Cypriot society, including decision makers, do not perceive climate change as a real and serious crisis. Consequently, actions towards fighting it are still disproportionate with the magnitude of the problem.

The future generation will be the most affected by this observed inaction than any other group of Cypriot society. That is why it is time for the Youth of Cyprus to become active citizens and justifiably demand for a safe and prosperous future away from catastrophic climate change.

Terra Cypria, in collaboration with Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, has therefore started since September 2021, creating a youth movement in Cyprus that will sensitize and push decision makers to reduce our carbon emissions and make the island resilient to climate change.

The movement is called Generation KLIMACT and Terra Cypria is:

  1. Providing them with capacity building through educational tools on climate change, development and gender equality issues as well as the interlinkages between them.
  2. Providing them training in effective and impactful mobilisation actions to push for and create change.
  3. Mobilising them on reaching out to decision makers with specific demands regarding climate change issues

The participants of the movement are 9-18 years old students from schools from all over Cyprus which participate in all the actions and trainings.

With this 1-year project, we envision the creation of a well-informed and empowering youth movement that will continue to act for the years to come.