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Christmas is just around the corner and the majority of us have already started the preparation for the special day. Even though “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”, it’s not the most environmentally friendly. Here are 5 tips for a more sustainable Christmas this year!

  1. Choose decoration and gifts that can last for a lifetime: Trendy gifts made of plastic will probably tire you until next year. A good alternative is classic designed gifts and decorations made of recycled wood, glass and fabric that will be useful for years.
  1. Make a special gift: Support us and take action towards nature protection. This Christmas, do something special. Reward yourself and your loved ones by donating to one of the largest environmental organizations of the island that acts to preserve the natural environment. At the same time, our organization provides experiences in nature, informs transparently about its actions, gives tips for a sustainable lifestyle through seminars, meetings and workshops, but above all, it grants the moral satisfaction of environmental protection and conservation.
  1. Minimize food waste: A huge amount of food goes to waste every Christmas as hosts over buy for that day. We recommend choosing things that are light on packaging, you can also create new meals from the leftovers and freeze them.
  1. Use eco-friendly wrap: Consumers in the UK use 227 000 miles of wrapping paper each year, and over 83km2 of this will end up in bins! Switching to brown eco-friendly paper instead will help to minimize the high levels of waste produced at this time of year.
  2. Choose LED lights for your Christmas tree: An easy change that everyone can make this Christmas is switching your lights to LED. It’ll make no difference to your experience of Christmas, but a huge difference to the amount of energy used during the festive season. LED lights use an average of 75 per cent less energy and can last up to 25 times longer, meaning you’ll save both energy (and money from your pocket).