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We co-signed the Open Letter and sent it together with BirdLife Cyprus, KOK & DAZ (CYPRUS FEDERATION OF HUNTING & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION), the Cyprus Natural Coastline and Save Akamas/Save Cyprus, on June 10th.

The scientific data that the Department of Environment possesses, is in our opinion clear and the only solution is to issue a negative report.

This should further be redesigned, in order to formulate a new Local Plan, adapted to the Locality of Akamas and the urgent need for a long-term coexistence between environment, economy and society.

Unfortunately, and as we explained to the Department of Environment, despite the fact that we sent many proposals for new measures and policies adapted to the locality of Akamas, and which are favorable to ALL the landowners of Akamas, who may be deprived of development rights. At the same time, we aimed in ensuring the protection of the environment and the proper implementation of the European Directives.

It is noted that we are yet to receive a response to our letters to the Ministry of Interior and the City Council.