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We attended the 1st ‘Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan’ annual event, which took place on the 2nd of December. With our presence, we had the opportunity to raise some important points and express our views.

The Green Deal and the Green Transition were referred to by several speakers, as a section of the Recovery and Resilience Plan that takes Cypriot citizens out of their comfort zone.

However, our Executive Director, Lefkios Sergides, raised the concern as to whether the present environmental image of Europe could indeed be referred to as being the “comfort zone”. Moreover, some of the points of our intervention at the Green Transition Panel were:

– The need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels;
– The need for a complete transformation of the transport system;
– The possible increase in funding for public transport through the Recovery Fund;
– The possibility of a climate law.

In addition, on the same issue, and with regards to the implementation of this plan, we put forward our positions during a meeting with the European Commission in Brussels.