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An art exhibition aimed at the protection of sea turtles took place in Paphos on 08/09. The event, “Timeless Travelers,” within the framework of the Ostrakon Project, was an initiative of Air Balloon Digital Studio and was held at the Hani of Ibrahim. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase artworks created using the technique of silk-screen printing exclusively for this purpose.

The net proceeds from the sales were allocated to support the activities of our Foundation, specifically those related to the protection and conservation of the Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas sea turtle species in Cyprus.

We want to thank to Air Balloon Digital Studio for their contribution to our Foundation’s activities. For us, the protection of these two species is of the utmost importance, and through our educational, research, conservation, and advocacy efforts, we strive to safeguard these species and reduce the factors that threaten them.