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Further to the relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictive measures, we met with our suppporters and we had an exciting weekend together, full of beautiful moments.

The meeting point was the Regional Multipurpose Cultural Centre of Akamas in Kathikas, on Saturday morning, where we presented our Foundation’s actions and we had a constructive discussion for the matters that concern us during this period.

In the afternoon, we hiked on the nature trail “Mountiko”, enjoying the magical landscape of Akamas, with the unique natural beauty, realizing once again the importance of preserving the area.

In the evening, we enjoyed tasty food and local wine in one of the many taverns in Kathikas. After that, we walked under the starry sky through its picturesque alleys.

The next day we visited “Avakas Gorge”.  A journey that, no matter how many times we do it, always enchants us.

The day ended with a discussion, on the beach of Toxeftra, about the sea turtles that nest on our island, and especially in Akamas, and the need to protect them.

It was really an exciting weekend, and we are looking forward to have it again!

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