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The innovative Youth Empowered educational program started, taking place at the University of Cyprus. It aimed to offer knowledge, skills, networking, and employment opportunities to all young people who would like to join the working environment of the new era with prospects.

On October 19, in the framework of the Green Thematic “Sustainability as a need and not as a choice”, the director of the Cyprus Center for Environmental Studies, Kyriaki Michael, explained that sustainable development is a need, and expresses our respect for the environment and all living things organizations. She presented examples to emulate and to avoid, inspiring dozens of students and their professors to act both individually and collectively, with the audience that watched the presentation showing great interest and enthusiasm.

The program will continue until November with the next topics, which are: Blue topic “LinkedIn – A Big Opportunity”, Yellow topic: “The social media Era” and Red topic: “Finding a Job – Challenges & Opportunities”.