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The youth movement Generation Klimact movement continues to be trained on the effects of the climate crisis in Cyprus.

Almost all schools participating in the program received their second education this month. The theme of the presentations is: “The effects of the climate crisis on our island”. With this presentation, we wanted young people to understand that the crisis is already on our island and the forecasts are ominous. Not to discourage them, but instead to understand the seriousness of the situation and to urge them to think of solutions, which they themselves will ask our politicians and technocrats to implement. At the same time, we interviewed experts on climate change in the field of water, forests and biodiversity, so that to be displayed to students and to be able to better understand how climate change will affect each sector.

The results of the interviews will be presented to the students during the third round of presentations.

You can learn more about Generation KLIMACT project here.