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In November (14-17), members of our team participated in the European Vulture Conference which was organized by the Vulture Conservation Foundation and took place in Cáceres, Spain.

The conference included workshops, lectures, poster presentations from the scientific community, cultural visits to the area, and educational field trips. Together with our partners from the BirdLife Cyprus and the Game and Fauna Service, we presented the progress made regarding actions for the protection of the Griffon Vulture in Cyprus under the framework of the project “LIFE with Vultures“.

The main threat faced by vultures, both in Cyprus and in many other European countries, is poisoning. With the efforts made at a local and pan-European level, we are observing a declining trend in poisoning incidents, with hopeful outcomes for the future of vultures. Seeing the actions taking place across Europe, and beyond, encourages us and motivates us to continue our efforts for the conservation of this majestic bird on our island!