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We started the new year with three presentations, informing communities and professionals about the
Natura 2000 network and the “Pandoteira” project and protected areas.

Our first presentation took place on the 12th of January in Paramalli, with residents and community
council members of the village, but also from the and surrounding villages participating in the
presentation, by asking their own questions about the protected species and sites that fall within their

A few days later, members of our team briefed residents and visitors who were in the Christmas village
of Kalopanagiotis. Families that were passing by attended the presentation and both adults and children
showed interest in the topics that were discussed.

The last action for the "Pandoteira" project in January was a discussion we had with professional
fishermen. Through the discussion, the professional fishermen showed particular interest in both the
Natura 2000 network and the protection of the areas. They pointed out the need to protect species,
realizing that this is the only way to achieve a balance in the marine environment, a balance that will
also benefit their own profession.