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Why did Generation KlimACT go to Brussels? To get answers on why politicians are not doing enough to tackle the climate crisis!

Maria Chandriotou from GC School Nicosia and Maria Hadjiantoni from Apostolou Paulou School in Paphos, representing the climate youth movement Generation Klimact, had a productive week full of meetings with EU lawmakers and other important politicians from the Brussels climate action scene.

The two Klimact ambassadors met with two MEPs, Demetris Papadakis and Georgiou Georgios, attended CAN Europe’s panel on how to reach climate neutrality goals and met with other youth representatives to discuss ways to strengthen their voices and make the climate youth movement more powerful.

The path to effective and dynamic climate action might be challenging, but one thing is for sure: the climate youth movement needs more voices to shout the obvious; we need to end the climate crisis now to enjoy our future later.”

Congratulations to our Klimact ambassadors for their hard work and dedication!