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Training on climate change impacts on Cyprus and its natural resources

This month, we have been preparing the second round to training for our Generation Klimact movement, which will have a special focus on the effects of the climate crisis at the local level. In other words, how will the crisis affect our daily lives and our environment around us in the coming decades if we don’t act.

During this round to training, the students will have the opportunity to hear from scientific experts about the many challenges Cyprus is facing due to climate change, like the loss of biodiversity in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the impacts on agriculture and fisheries as well as the many threats it’s inflicting to our public health.

With this, we are hoping to sensitize and inform the students even more by bringing the issue of climate change to their doorstep and make them realize that the place and time to act is here, and now.

To find out more information about the project Generation KLIMACT here.