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Members of our team participated in a two-day educational bootcamp in Amiantos, which was conducted in the framework of the active minds project, to talk about the climate crisis, its consequences and possible solutions to the problem.

People from all over Cyprus, aged 18 to 40, came together to learn more about the climate crisis, exchange views and suggest ways to tackle the problem. The bootcamp was interspersed with excursions to the Troodos Botanical Garden, hiking in the “Loumata ton Aeton” trail and a visit to the Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre.

Participating in this workshop reminded us once again of the importance of having an active civil society, and the value of dialogue and pluralism that together make up a healthy democracy.

Problems of the magnitude of the climate crisis require the participation of all citizens.

If you don’t want climate change, act now and be the change you want to see. Unite your voice with all those calling for immediate solutions!