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Vassiliko Cement Works, in cooperation with Terra Cypria-the Cyprus Conservation Foundation, organized a two-day educational environmental programme on March 21 and 22, 2019, for elementary school students, under the title ‘Marine Litter’.

The programme was addressed to students from 6 neighbouring communities (Kalavasos, Zygi-Mari Tochni, Maroni-Psematismeno, Asgata and Pentakomo) and was implemented with the support of Vassiliko Cement Works volunteer employees. The programme aimed at informing students on the maritime waste problem, the assumption of responsibility and waste reduction through actions promoting participation and critical thought.

The first activity was completed at Governor’s Beach with waste collection from the beach and the second phase of the program took place in Zygi Village Council Hall, at the presence of the Development and Programmes Management Officer of the Environment Commissioner’s Office, Kyriakos Siakallis and the President of Zygi Village Council, Georgia Michael, the Manager of Human Resources, Safety & Health, Facilities Management and Communication, Pagona Liggou and Terra Cypria Foundation representatives, Panagiota Koutsofta and Konstantinos Pericleous. The second phase included information and awareness raising of students by the workers of Terra Cypria Foundation, on the environmental impact and the effects on public health from maritime waste. The waste collected from Governor’s Beach was sorted, counted and recorded in the European database.

Through team work and cooperation, students were called upon to choose one of the main categories of waste and implement an information campaign in their region, in order to contribute to maritime waste reduction. The campaigns must be completed before the end of the school year 2018-2019.

Vassiliko Cement Works, awarded with the Gold Environmental Protector Award for the year 2018, respects and protects the environment, aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint and the negative impact on the environment deriving from its activities. One of the Company’s priorities is to support and cooperate with the neighbouring communities, in environmental issues, and to sensitize the youth through various actions and programmes.