Welcome to the webpage of Terra Cypria, the Cyprus Conservation Foundation.


Terra Cypria is a non-profit, Non Governmental Organization, officially established in 1992. Its overall aim is to promote environmental awareness and the concept of sustainability within Cypriot society through educational and sensitisation programmes, thereby protecting the island’s natural resources and heritage, and to facilitate the island’s harmonisation with European environmental legislation and standards.




The Project:
AgroLIFE is a three year project that will put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions/ methodologies for the conservation of High Nature Value Farmlands (HNVF) in Cyprus. HNVFs sustain traditional methods of low-input farming supporting biodiversity and ecosystem […]

Bio For Life

Did you know that… every 20 minutes a species disappears from our planet?
This message, and other relevant information, is being disseminated to the Cypriot public under the BIOforLIFE project, a three-year campaign to raise awareness among Cypriots, through the media, […]