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Our team is hitting the 5K race at the Limassol Marathon, and we invite you to be part of our mission!

What’s the plan? We’re running to give every child the chance to access environmental education, explore, and love our local environment!

Starting today, funds from participant registrations and donations will help cover transportation costs for public schools to and from the Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre. If you wish, run with us!


Often, transportation costs serve as a deterrent for many children, making it challenging for them to participate in educational or other activities organized by their school. All students have the right to access, and we are obligated to help make this possible.

Until now, our Foundation has covered some of these expenses, enabling all children to participate in the free interactive educational programs at our Center.

If you want to support our efforts, become a supporter today with 10 euros per year and endorse our work. Give every child the opportunity to participate in what they deserve. Support our work in cultivating environmental awareness among the citizens of tomorrow.

Be part of the change. Every step, every bit of help a difference.