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One of our most important goals as a Foundation is our contribution to active citizenship through education, participation and action for the environment.

Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre (CESC)

We operate the Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre (CESC) in Kritou Terra in Paphos. The aim of the Centre is to teach future generations about the importance of the environment and sustainable development in our lives and to encourage them to become responsible active citizens. The CESC started operating in 1996 on the initiative of the Foundation at the former primary school of Kritou Terra and expanded in 2004-2006, with the help of the Cyprus Government.

So far, the CESC has offered educational programmes and activities to more than 71 000 students from Cyprus and abroad. Trainees have the opportunity to stay in the Community dormitory or in local/ private accommodation and to eat in the village canteen or taverns, thus contributing to the local economy and promoting in practice a sustainable tourism development model which respects and protects the environment at the same time.

It is estimated that the operation of the CESC contributes around € 14,200 a year to Kritou Terra and its neighbouring communities.

For more information or reservations contact us at 26332532 or [email protected]

Visits to schools

As the Cyprus Environmental Studies Center (CESC) is located far away from some areas of Cyprus, we also organize, in collaboration with schoolteachers, many educational activities at their own school premises or at nearby natural areas. Through these activities, we aim at informing and sensitizing many more students, encouraging them to become active citizens.

The topics that are explored during our visits include major environmental challenges, like the issue of climate change, the problem of illegal bird trapping, the loss of biodiversity, the ecology of sea turtles that reproduce at our island, the protection of vultures, the problem of waste management and over-consumption. They also learn about the impacts of those issues on their lives as well as the role of future generations in combating them.

Experiential workshops and nature excursions

Following the interest expressed by organized groups, we arrange experiential workshop and nature excursions to raise awareness of the value and wonder of the environment through direct contact.

If you are interested in a nature excursion on behalf of or for a particular group, contact us at: