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This year, we celebrated the Natura 2000 day in Pissouri, under the “Pandotira” project, which included lots of fun and educational activities for all ages.

The event was two-day celebration. With the help of the project’s partners, we held an educational hike to Cape White, on one of the most impressive coastlines of the island. During the hike, members of our team informed the participants about the importance of the flora and fauna of the area, which is protected by the Natura 2000 network.

The festivities spilled over into another week (on May 25th), with activities centred around the Pissouri square The village visitors had the opportunity to participate in various activities including:

  • Interactive activity for barn owls
  • Traditional halloumi making observation
  • Treasure hunt for children
  • Orienteering for adults and children
  • Crafts for kids
  • Nature crafts for adults
  • Interactive educational games related to sea turtles, vultures, monk seals and climate change.

We are very thankful to Pissouri village and its people for the hospitality!