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Our Foundation participated in this year’s “Shooting, Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Exhibition”, which took place at the Cyprus State Fair, from September 29th to October 1st. Our Foundation had a booth for the project “Pandoteira” and another one for the project “Life with Vultures”. 

During the exhibition’s opening remarks, our Executive Director, Koulla Michael, highlighted the importance of both individual and collective efforts for environmental protection. Our zeal for protecting our natural capital should be above everything else. 

Members of the team working on the “Pandoteira” project informed hunters about the ecological value of the Natura 2000 network and the socio-economic benefits it can have for them. We also discussed the impact rodenticides can have on both humans and wildlife. 

At the booth for the “Life with Vultures” project, our team informed hunters about the bearded vulture’s primary threat, that is, poisoned bait. Poison baits directly affect hunters, as their dogs can also be directly poisoned by them. An effective tool for combating poisoned baits is a trained team of dogs that can detect poisoned baits and victims of poisoning in the wild.