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Educational Workshop on sustainable business planning and environmentally friendly marketing in Natura 2000 protected areas

Date and time of the workshop:
June 15th at 9:00-16:00

Location of the workshop:
Syllogos Gynaikon Ypaithrou Larnacas
Address: 1 Apriliou, 7730, Agios Theodoros, Larnaca

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The workshop, which will be offered in Greek, is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge to design and promote their own environmentally friendly business, operating within or in close proximity to Natura 2000 protected areas.

In this workshop, participants will explore methods for integrating a green perspective in marketing. They will examine how they can develop business plans that promote their products and services, but also relate to the values of sustainable development and environmental protection.

The workshop’s main aim is to equip participants with knowledge they can apply to start a business or strengthen their competitiveness within the framework of their current business activities. Through this workshop, participants will learn the basic marketing principles and apply practical tools to create strategic marketing plans. In this context, emphasis will be given to the need to integrate environmental awareness at every stage of the marketing planning.

The workshop is offered for free within the framework of the Pandoteira project. To view the agenda, follow this link.


To register for this free workshop fill in the application form by 05/06/2024.

For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected], or call 25320034.