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In the framework of the Darwin Plus Project (Habitat Restoration “Wise Use for Akrotiri & Cape Pyla), a 2-day workshop, titled: “Akrotiri Peninsula – Biotic & Abiotic Monitoring, Status & Trends”, took place at the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre on the 8th and 9th of December 2022.

The workshop agenda included presentations on terrestrial fauna (insects, birds, bats, etc) and flora, marine fauna (sea turtles, monk seal, etc), flora and habitats (Posidonia, habitats, etc) and abiotic parameters (groundwater, inland surface and marine water, rainwater).

The objective of the workshop was to share, through presentations and discussion, the monitoring activities that take place in Akrotiri  Peninsula for biotic and abiotic parameters by the different stakeholders, departments, scientists and experts, in order to:

 have a common base knowledge on what has been done or is currently being done in the area, in terms of biodiversity and abiotic monitoring, and;

 discuss any possible observed trends in terms of population, distribution, abiotic measurements, as well as possible needs for additional monitoring and information sharing needs, management actions and recommendations.

The workshop was organized by the Darwin Plus Project Team and Project Partners i.e. Birdlife Cyprus, Terra Cypria and the SBAA Environment Department.