We signed a Memorandum of Cooperation together with the Pattiheio Municipal Museum of Historical Archive and Limassol Studies Centre.

On the 10th of March, we had the pleasure and honor to sign this Memorandum of Cooperation with the main purpose of utilizing the Archive of Dimitris Souliotis.

Dimitris Souliotis was an excellent man and doctor, who showed great interest in his patients, refugees, and the environment. Among his many great actions, he was one of the first citizens of our island who dedicated time to the preservation of the natural environment of Cyprus. Together with his wife, Mrs. Stella Soulioti, they had developed important initiatives inside and outside Cyprus to promote issues to save the natural environment of our place.

In his Archive are preserved important aspects of the anxious effort he made for a long time, to create environmental awareness on our island. It is with great pleasure that we, as researchers, undertook the study of this archive. We look forward to starting the study and discovering more about our island through the archive of such a great person.

The signing of the Memorandum envisages joint actions and support, mainly of young researchers in the primary study, which is guaranteed by the study of the life and action of such a person as Dimitris Souliotis.