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(English) Golf Courses: Are they Sustainable? The government needs to revise the policy.

(Ελληνικα) Ήρθε ο καιρός το κράτος να επαναξιολογήσει όλα τα πιο πάνω και να επανέλθει με μια ανανεωμένη στρατηγική... Read More

(English) Join our team-we are hiring!

(English) If your goal in life is to find a boring but safe job, then this is not for you. If... Read More

(English) A walk around Akamas

(Ελληνικα) Ζητούμε την άμεση επιβολή του νόμου καθώς και την έμπρακτη εφαρμογή των Διαχειριστικών Σχεδίων για τον Ακάμα,... Read More

(English) Photo Exhibition: The Cyprus Wetlands and its important

(English) Photo Exhibition: The Cyprus Wetlands and its important... Read More

(English) Workshop: EnVeROS for roadkills

(Ελληνικα) Εργαστήρι: EnVeROS καταγραφή θανάτων άγριας ζωής στο οδικό δίκτυο... Read More

(English) Workshop: Climate change and Standards

(English) Workshop: Climate change and Standards... Read More

(English) Open discussion: Climate change and sustainable fishery

(English) Open discussion: Climate change and sustainable fishery... Read More

(English) A two-day educational environmental programme for elementary school students by Vassiliko Cement Works in cooperation with Terra Cypria Foundation

(English) Vassiliko Cement Works, in cooperation with Terra Cypria-the Cyprus Conservation Foundation, organized a two-day educational environmental programme on March... Read More

(English) A 33 year fight for Akamas

(English) 22 March 1986: A group of conservationists visits Akamas Peninsula, one of the few remaining natural areas of Cyprus... Read More

(English) Golf course planning: The aims of the past and the reality of today

(Ελληνικα) Μέχρι 200.000 γκολφέρ τον χρόνο μπορεί να προσελκύσει η Κύπρος από το εξωτερικό, διαμήνυε το 2005 ο τότε Υπουργός... Read More

(English) Environmental organisations urge Council of Europe to maintain Bern Convention Budget

(English) Ahead of crucial debates on the financing of the Bern Convention, European NGOs have addressed a letter to the... Read More

(English) Hiking in nature trail treis elies villages and venetian bridges

(English) Are you interested in nature hiking?... Read More