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Golf Courses: Are they Sustainable? The government needs to revise the policy.

(Ελληνικα) Ήρθε ο καιρός το κράτος να επαναξιολογήσει όλα τα πιο πάνω και να επανέλθει με μια ανανεωμένη στρατηγική... Read More

Join our team-we are hiring!

If your goal in life is to find a boring but safe job, then this is not for you. If you... Read More

A walk around Akamas

(Ελληνικα) Ζητούμε την άμεση επιβολή του νόμου καθώς και την έμπρακτη εφαρμογή των Διαχειριστικών Σχεδίων για τον Ακάμα,... Read More

Photo Exhibition: The Cyprus Wetlands and its important

Photo Exhibition: The Cyprus Wetlands and its important... Read More

Workshop: EnVeROS for roadkills

(Ελληνικα) Εργαστήρι: EnVeROS καταγραφή θανάτων άγριας ζωής στο οδικό δίκτυο... Read More

Workshop: Climate change and Standards

Workshop: Climate change and Standards... Read More

Open discussion: Climate change and sustainable fishery

Open discussion: Climate change and sustainable fishery... Read More

A two-day educational environmental programme for elementary school students by Vassiliko Cement Works in cooperation with Terra Cypria Foundation

Vassiliko Cement Works, in cooperation with Terra Cypria-the Cyprus Conservation Foundation, organized a two-day educational environmental programme on March 21... Read More

A 33 year fight for Akamas

22 March 1986: A group of conservationists visits Akamas Peninsula, one of the few remaining natural areas of Cyprus left... Read More

Golf course planning: The aims of the past and the reality of today

(Ελληνικα) Μέχρι 200.000 γκολφέρ τον χρόνο μπορεί να προσελκύσει η Κύπρος από το εξωτερικό, διαμήνυε το 2005 ο τότε Υπουργός... Read More

Environmental organisations urge Council of Europe to maintain Bern Convention Budget

Ahead of crucial debates on the financing of the Bern Convention, European NGOs have addressed a letter to the Secretary... Read More

Hiking in nature trail treis elies villages and venetian bridges

Are you interested in nature hiking?... Read More